Krooh's Game Machine

My name is Katarzyna Kret and I like to think about myself as a game and app designer. In my job I’m focusing¬†on User Expierence, research, design and prototyping. I’m agile and that means I’m always looking at the project from user’s perspective. Working on digital products always brings together people of different specialisation in the same room and that’s why I value highly user stories as a tool that greatly improves communication¬†within the team and also with clients and users.

I’m familiar with tools such as: Photoshop, tinyPM, Google Drive, Dropbox, WordPress and Office (that’s right Office too). I’m working on Windows system.

As a freelancer I’m looking for opportunities to be a part of exciting projects. If you found my work interesting and you want to team up with me please feel free to contact me at kroohsgamemachine[at]