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CountTower – math and logic game for Android


Once upon a time somewhere between windows and door an idea was born. Its parents, math and game, decided to give all the best they have to their sweet child. After many weeks the Idea stared forming its own shape, colors and sounds. But it wasn’t complete. It needed personality. So the wise parents took their only child on a journey over the hills and far, far away to find a place where the idea could mature. When they found the right place they realised that the Idea dosen’t have a name, and they can’t set it out into the World without such inportant thing. They wanted that their only child could remember their journey, its journey. The past and the present. To remember its parents and its legacy. They named it CountTower.



 CountTowers is a logic game. There is only one goal: count! You earn points by bulding math equations. You have 3 modes to impove your math and logic skills. In Table mode you won’t be given more numbers than what you’re given to start off with, so plan your strategy ahead of time. What about Grow and Rain? That’s a totally different story! Here the gameplay is only limited by the power of your mind.





Sounds easy, right? Well, it is, provided that you can count and like to create epic stuff. If you have that in you, you will score bonus points and sit on the Math Throne of glory. So wear your Vulcan ears like a shield, download CountTower and try it! :)

Screenshot_2014-04-09-21-26-30 (1)


How long can you endure the endless stream of numbers, math symbols and equations? How many point are you able to score? Download CountTower and find out for yourself:


We know you all LOVE ads, so we included them in our game. Isn’t that super great? ;) Don’t worry, they are non intrusive. One one more thing! We used Google leaderboards in CountTower because we know how much you like competing with your friends, family, and people from all over the world.