There are 4 game modes with 25 levels each in “Get to know animals”. In total there are 100 puzzles to solve. In first two game modes our little ones will learn the names of the animals in the game. And there is much to learn, we described as many as 25 animals in the game! For smart heads and a little older kids there is a real chellange - the third and fourth game mode. In these modes animals characteristics and traits will appear and you must assign them to the proper animals. Right, but what does it looks like?

At the beginning players are asked to find very small amount of animals and balls with animal’s pictures or rectangles with names are stationary. After first couple of levels the game becomes more dynamic and thus more interesting. It can be a very good perception and reflex training. Don’t be alarmed that our game can become to fast. The gameplay is adjusted to kids capabilities. Probably you are now thinking: this could be fun for little kids, but is there anything suitable for more demanding explorers of the world’s secrets?

Here comes the challenge! Now we are taking a closer look at animals. During a game a couple of questions will be resurfacing constantly: What are the characteristics of given animal? What do presented animals have in common? What are theirs differences? Are you worried that game could become too difficult? Please don’t be! Because..

For each animal I wrote a short poem in which all needed info is hidden. I choose this form of expression on purpose because it helps transfer game world into the real world:) Memorizing poems is always fun:) And with this part, my dear parents, you can help your kids. Certainly your help would be required if your kids are just beginning to learn letters an are more into drawings and not intu funny marks with little tails, dots and fourishes. And there is a catch here!

First you must track down our animal! How did you do that? All that is required here is to just finish the level in which given animal is on the correct answers list! Each time when you catches it in the game a new part of the poem would be revealed to you :) Jokes are over in third and fourth game mode.. You must consult the poems quite often now. But it’s worth it! Before kids reach this part of the game they’ll gain all required information. Right, but how will you know something went wrong? And where are this poems hidden?

After each level a board with correct and wrong animal-answers would appear. Each wrong answer will cost you one achievement star. Don’t worry! You can replay each level at any time to gain all stars! You can tap each visible animal on that board and the screen with poem would appear. All poems are also available through “My ZOO” screen. As you can see all needed info is within easy reach! If you don’t want to risk loosing any stars, you can always pause the game and analyze the poems from there. Thanks to that you’ll earn all stars on the first try!

One more important thing: there is no time pressure. Each kid can learn animal’s secrets on it’s own pace.